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Weaning-Station 147i

The Department of Infectious Diseases and Respiratory Medicine of Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin offers long-term artificial respiration (weaning) to patients in cooperation with the Clinic for Anaesthesiology with a focus on operative intensive care medicine at the Weaningstation 147i on Campus Charité Mitte (CCM), provided that the prerequisites are met.

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Treatment spectrum

On station 147i, only patients with long-term ventilation and good conditions for weaning are treated.

Service spectrum

In intensive care and respiratory medicine, the term "weaning" refers to the weaning of a patient from mechanical ventilation to complete or partial independent breathing.

Depending on the individual circumstances of each individual patient (age, previous illnesses) and the respective illness which led to the need for ventilation, patients are divided into 3 different categories with which the degree of difficulty of weaning can be described:

Patients in the first two categories can usually be weaned in the intensive care unit that initiated mechanical ventilation.

Patients in the third weaning category (so-called "prolonged" or delayed weaning) should be treated in a certified weaning center. Such a centre has specially trained staff and special organisational requirements to clarify the causes of prolonged weaning in a patient and to draw up an individual treatment concept.

The ultimate goal is to successfully wean the patient from mechanical ventilation in whole or in part.

For some patients, however, despite all efforts, it must be determined that successful weaning from machine ventilation is not or not yet possible ("weaning failure").

For such patients, the indication for chronic outpatient ventilation is reviewed, outpatient ventilation is adapted to the patient with specialized ventilators, and transition management is organized into outpatient ventilation at home or in specialized care facilities.

Appointment for inpatient admission

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Please bring along for admission

  • Hospitalization (issued in current quarter)
  • Health insurance card (and identity card for comparison)
  • medication plan
  • At the first presentation: all previous findings (doctor's letters, x-rays, laboratory values), if the pre-treatment did not take place at the Charité;
  • Ventilator / respiratory mask / cough assistant

Contact Station

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