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Motive ambulance © Medical Clinic with focus on Infectiology and Pneumology/Charité

Infectiological University Outpatient Clinic

The specialty network: Infectious Diseases and Respiratory Medicine of Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin on the Campus Virchow-Klinikum (CVK) treats patients with all forms of infectious diseases.

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The infectiological outpatient clinic is available to patients with any infectious diseases.

In particular, it specializes in:

  • Tuberculosis / atypical mycobacterioses
  • Rare infectious diseases

Service spectrum

  • Diagnostics and therapy of general, rare and difficult-to-treat infectious diseases
  • Post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV and hepatitis after needlestick injury or sexual contact
  • Diagnostics and treatment of HIV/AIDS
  • Diagnostics and therapy of tuberculosis / atypical mycobacterial infections
  • Infectiological first aid, especially for returnees
  • Anti-Infective Therapy, Outpatient Intravenous (OPAT)
  • Participation in scientific studies
  • Counselling, diagnosis and treatment of people with Chagas disease or suspected disease (further information

The services of the infectiological outpatient clinic in detail

Infectiological consil for colleagues seeking advice

Medical specialist

  • Dr. med. Nikolai Menner: Specialist in Internal Medicine, Infectiology, Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Public Health (DTMPH), Master of Science in International Health (MScIH), specialisations: Infectiology, HIV, tuberculosis, tropical medicine



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Please bring to the agreed date:

  • letter of referral (issued in current quarter)
  • Health insurance card (and identity card for comparison)
  • medication plan
  • At the first presentation: all previous findings (laboratory values, doctor's letters, X-ray and CT images), if the pre-treatment has not taken place at the Charité