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Campus Benjamin Franklin (CBF)

One of three locations of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Pulmonary Medicine is the Campus Benjamin Franklin (CBF) in Berlin-Steglitz.

Postal address is Hindenburgdamm 30, 12203 Berlin.

The closest underground station is Rathaus Steglitz. From there the bus M85/285 goes to the location.

Here you will find further information on which areas of the clinic you will find where on the site.

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Location/Campus map

Pneumological University Ambulance

You will find the Pneumological Ambulance on Campus Benjamin Franklin in Bettenhaus West, Haus V on the 3rd floor, which can be reached with elevators 21/22 (green point on the map above).

Normalstation 203

Motiv Station

You will find station 203 of the clinic in the west of Bettenhaus, house IV/A on the first floor. (red dot in the map above).

Weaning-Station 44e

Motiv Station

Station 44e for respiration weaning can be found in Bedhouse 2, Building V on the 6th floor, which can be reached with elevators 10/11/12 (yellow dot on the map above).