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Motiv ABS-Angebote © Med. Klinik m. S. Infektiologie und Pneumologie/Charité

Infectiological Consil Service / Antibiotic Stewardship Counselling and Training

The increase in antibiotic-resistant pathogens and the associated increase in morbidity and mortality is worrying. The Charité has therefore implemented an advisory team and initiated further training on antibiotic stewardship (ABS) in order to reduce the development of resistant pathogens, minimize undesired effects and collateral damage of anti-infectives (e.g. C. difficile infection) and maintain the effectiveness of existing anti-infectives.

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ABS consulting team

The ABS team at the Charité consists of clinical infectiologists and physicians from other clinical disciplines with an infectiological focus, as well as pharmacists, microbiologists and hospital hygienists. The common goal is the use of rational anti-infective therapy.

Infectiological consultation service for Charité internal and external medical colleagues

Motive consultation © Medical clinic with focus on infectiology and pneumology/Charité

The infectiological consil service of the Medical Clinic with focus on infectiology and pneumology of the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin provides interdisciplinary care for patients with complex infections on the wards of other clinics of the Charité on request and ensures the optimization of infection diagnostics, infection therapy and prescription quality.

The experts of the consil service also advise Charité-external medical colleagues by telephone:

  • Medical colleagues of the Charité please request our infectiological consultation at the bedside via SAP.
  • Both medical colleagues of the Charité as well as external medical colleagues are welcome to contact our consil service in urgent cases via our central clinic telephone.

ABS consulting services

Motive telephone contact © Medical clinic with focus on infectiology and pneumology/Charité
  • Implementation of the principles of rational anti-infective therapy
  • Increasing and securing the quality of anti-infective treatment in terms of selection, dosage, application and duration with the aim of achieving the best clinical treatment results with the lowest possible side effects.
  • Favourable influence on resistance, cost and consumption development
  • Weekly infectiological visits for anti-infective therapy consultation Charité-wide on intensive and normal wards
  • Anti-Infectives-Consile and consultations in all clinics of the Charité (request via SAP: consil Infektiology)
  • Care of complex infectious patient cases including Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia, Enterococcus spp. bacteremia, candidemia, etc.
  • Care of patients with infectious endocarditis (Endocarditis Team)
  • Care of patients with outpatient parenteral anti-infective therapy - OPAT (request for inpatients via SAP: Konsil Infektiologie)
  • Antibiotic Stewardship Courses (certified by the German Society for Infectious Diseases)
  • Preparation of clinically specific anti-infective guidelines
  • Provision and interpretation of anti-infectives consumption data
  • Optimization of anti-infectives dosages by clinical pharmacists