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Motiv SIS © Med. clinic with focus on infectiology and pneumology/Charité

Special insulation station (SIS)

The Department of Infectious Diseases and Pulmonary Medicine has Germany's largest special isolation station (SIS) in order to be prepared for the outbreak of an epidemic or biological terrorist attacks in the capital.

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The special isolation ward for highly contagious patients has been operated for 40 years by the Charité on behalf of the Senate in order to be prepared for possible epidemics or biological terrorist attacks.

Life threatening infectious diseases such as Ebola, pneumonic plague or SARS, which are spreading rapidly around the world, can be treated on this ward with state-of-the-art medical technology. In addition to isolated patient rooms, a laboratory and an operating theatre are available in the quarantine area for this purpose. This not only ensures optimal patient care, but also prevents the spread of the disease through comprehensive protection.

Internationally networked competence center

Motiv Cooperation between Charité and RKI © Med. clinic with focus on infectiology and pneumology/Charité

The special isolation station is part of the STAKOB ("Standing Working Group of Competence and Treatment Centers for Highly Contagious and Life-Threatening Diseases") of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

The internationally networked network of competence and treatment centers has established and proven itself in the treatment of e.g. Ebola or Lassa fever.


Motiv SIS © Med. clinic with focus on infectiology and pneumology/Charité

In the case of isolation, the area is closed off over a wide area.

The trained staff wears special protective equipment and enters the patient rooms of the special isolation ward via sluices.

All patient rooms are equipped with elaborate equipment that kills the pathogens and prevents them from escaping through the air, waste or sewage.

Regular Trainings

Motiv SIS © Med. clinic with focus on infectiology and pneumology/Charité

In order to be ready for use at any time in the event of a disaster, the clinic regularly organises exercises to train the functionality of the equipment and the necessary processes in teamwork with the potential emergency forces.

The aim is to be 100% ready for medical, hygienic, technical and logistical use at any time, at the latest two hours after a reported highly contagious patient.